Our team of experts include pharmacists and regulatory personnel whose market knowledge and experience enable them to identify the products required by the pharmacy. Licenses are obtained and maintained efficiently through close working relationships with the appropriate regulatory agency.

Our buyers source product throughout Europe using our established supply chains with both external and related company suppliers. Our production team then repackages with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure your product packaging is always of the highest quality.

Our sales team will do their utmost to supply all your stock needs in the most reliable and cost effective way, whether wholesale or retail, with appropriate packaging (pallet or parcel) provided by our warehousing team to ensure your product arrives in top condition.

The process is fully supported by the administrative team, monitored by the highly trained quality control team and regulated according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

All Mediwin employees are dedicated to support you in a personalised professional manner every step of the way.